April 15, 2019

UI Improvements:

  • When deleting an article or category from the Articles page, we will now display the name of what you are deleting in the confirmation message
  • When deleting multiple files from the file library, we will now display a list of each of the files that are selected for deletion in the confirmation message
  • When copying a knowledge base, we have added messaging to be more clear about what the "Sync all content from original" option does and added an additional warning
  • Added a message to the copying knowledge base progress page to alert customers that indexing the new content for search could take several hours for large knowledge bases

Bug Fixes:

  • URL redirect articles marked as open in new tab were not opening in a new tab when clicked on from within a blog type category
  • URL redirect articles were not redirecting correctly when clicked on from the popular articles list inside of the widget
  • Article revisions were missing the first edit and only recording once the second edit was made to the article
  • In article CSV exports, the publishing status was not accurately reflecting the "Needs Review" status for articles that were automatically set to that status after the set amount of inactivity
  • Toggling on/off the setting to require authentication for viewing files from the library was not updating the knowledge base logo correctly