New article action-icons merge code for Article HTML

If you've had to make tweaks to your theme (and frankly...who hasn't?), you may have taken a look through your knowledge base's Custom HTML templates. The Article template article-actions section (which creates the PDF, print, and email icons next to article titles) has always been a bit complicated for our tastes.

While we were doing some work on themes and category icons, we decided to create a merge code there to replace the hard-coded HTML we'd used previously.

While you don't have to update your knowledge base, we'd strongly encourage you to do so, since the new format is a lot easier to work with if you want to hide icons across your knowledge base, and it makes the HTML much easier to read.

See more on the new merge code in Update your article actions merge code. You can also check out instructions on how to Remove the PDF, print, or email icon from all articles, which we didn't previously have. 😊

Why upgrade?

Well, a little bird tells me that we may be working on some new features that would add new options into this article actions section. If you switch to the merge code, you'll have to do way less work to get those new options once we make them available. 😉