API Keys: now with purpose (and editable)

If you've been using our API keys--and struggling to keep track of which keys are used for what--you'll enjoy a couple of the new features we just released.

API keys now have purpose

We've had a few customers say that it would be useful to have a field to designate an API key's purpose for auditing and tracking, and we thought this was a fantastic idea.

So we've added a Purpose field to all API keys. Use this field to add notes about which applications or integrations are leveraging the API key:

API key purpose field

Since purposes can change over time, we are also happy to announce that:

API keys are now editable

Previously, if you wanted to change the allowed methods for an API key, you needed to create a whole new API key. Now, you can click the gear icon to the right of any API key to edit it.

 This opens an Update API Key pop-up where you can edit the API key's purpose and allowed actions:

Update API Key pop-up