Change in Insert Link to Article behavior

We strongly encourage you to use the Insert Link to Article functionality in the Modern Editor, which creates a link to another article in your knowledge base using the article's underlying ID, so it won't break if you update the permalink of the other article.

One of our awesome customers noticed that if you used it for an article that has an Internal Title, that internal title was automatically set as the hyperlink's title (which is the text that displays when you hover over the hyperlink--if you hover over the Internal Title hyperlink, the "Article internal title" is that hyperlink's title). Since internal titles are supposed to be used within, this wasn't ideal.

However, as the team looked at the behavior, we thought it seemed wrong that we were automatically setting that hyperlink title to be the article title (or internal article title) at all. It's your hyperlink; you should have control over what its title is!

We've updated the Insert Link to Article functionality so that it no longer automatically sets the hyperlink title. This fixes the initial bug and gives you total control over the title that's being used.

If you were using Link to Article with articles with Internal Titles, this change won't retroactively update any of those links, but it will prevent the internal title being used moving forward. You can manually edit those links to update the title.

Let us know if there are other tweaks to the Link to Article functionality that you'd like to see!