Feature beta: Customize Text Tool

We're excited to announce our second addition to the Tools menu: the Customize Text tool!

This tool allows you to replace some of our default text strings displayed in your live knowledge base with text strings of your choice. Don't want to call it "Home"? Don't want your search bar placeholder to say "Search for articles..."? This is exactly what the Customize Text tool is for!

Or, perhaps your knowledge base is primarily written in a non-English language, like French or Spanish--now, instead of using a script to customize all these text strings, you can use the Customize Text tool instead.

For now, we've added all the text fields used in:

  • Search: including the global search bar/placeholder, the typeahead search text prompt, and the Search Results Page
  • Table of Contents: including the text we use in global breadcrumbs and some of our table of contents options like Home and Glossary.

For full details--and some screenshots to help you make the connection between a default text string and where it shows up in your knowledge base--check out Customize Text tool. You can also join us on Wednesday, January 18th, for a Wisdom Wednesday session on it!

Beta program

We're also trying something new with this feature: we're intentionally releasing it with only some text strings included, and we're asking you to try it out, see how you like it, and let us know which text strings you'd like us to prioritize.

You'll see we've marked the feature as being in "Beta" in the top navigation menu, and there's a call-out at the top of the page asking you to send us feedback on the feature (with a cute version of Linus, hoot!).

Our beta announcement, with a link to a feedback survey!

We're exploring ways of getting more feedback from you earlier in the feature development cycle, so please check out the Customize Text tool and either drop us a message or submit a feedback survey to let us know what you think.

For those of you who've been waiting for Multilingual support, this is the very first piece of a much larger feature set, so we'd especially like to have you try it out and let us know if there are any special characters or other situations it's not handling gracefully.