July 31, 2019

Feature Enhancements

  • Changing the category an article belongs to from within the article editor now allows you to search for categories that are only 2 letters long as opposed to the previous limit of 3 letters or more
  • All newly created accounts will now default to the reader setting of self-administered passwords instead of admin administered

Bug Fixes

  • When editing a custom content category, clicking "Open Link" on a link to another article or category will no longer cause an error
  • Creating a category using Quick Add or via the API will no longer result in null fields and will mirror the field values that would be created after doing a full save in the application. (This issue was only visible when viewing the category via the API)
  • Publishing a version of an article that was using the "Make public to groups" setting was not correctly removing that setting once the version went live
  • In the modern article editor, using the replace image from library was not allowing you to delete any search terms
  • In Chrome browsers, selecting a font pair in Settings > Style was only updating the header font and not the body
  • Re-indexing a knowledge base for search in certain circumstances would appear to finish before the index was actually completed
  • A legacy search tool was still displaying the old "Did you mean..." English dictionary suggestion when the full search returned less than 3 results. This has been removed from the search results pages.