June 16, 2017

Feature Requests

  • Someone ask for a "No Teams" filter in Manage? Owl ready if you want to check it out!

Bug Fixes

  • .ko-pdf-clickable-link {display: initial;} was not working in standard or custom PDFs. It is now.
  • Articles with large PDFs were showing up in almost owl the search results. We stopped indexing externally linked PDFs as well as PDFs uploaded in KO with over 100 pages. We're looking at you, Environmental Protection Act of 1970.
  • Manage filters with Needs Review and user teams were not inheriting user team permissions from parent parent categories. Owl better now.
  • New articles were displaying in a confusing order for some customers. We were sorting by new callout icon articles first , date published (if set) next, and then date created  – but, when owl is said and done, we were always displaying date created. If set, we now show the date published to eliminate this confusion.
  • Customers were previously able to skip required fields during SAML reader mapping. Now we have error messages. Owl right.
  • Some articles were getting mysteriously updated with no revision history.  After some serious troublesHOOTing, we tracked it down to PDFs. Remember those large PDFs causing search issues? They also caused some individual PDFs not to generate, so when people would try to download them, the article would reindex to regenerate the PDF, causing the date to update. Regenerating PDFs will not longer update the date last updated.