June 9, 2017

Feature Requests

  • The widget is owl the rage right now, and someone made the observation that you couldn't get to ours without clicking on Help > Contact Us. Well, we remedied that right up. Clicking Help now launches the widget, powered by KnowledgeOwl. 
  • Speaking of the widget and contextual help, we added the ability for you to delete pages in the Widget report. HOOT if you like cleaning up your widget report!
  • That silly widget also didn't have a name field on the contact form, but, owlelujah, it does now.

Bug Fixes

  • Manage > Needs Review did not show owl articles in Needs Review. Don't you worry 'cause it does now!
  • The Last Updated field in the contact form search results was displaying 12/31/1969 for all articles owl of a sudden. The correct dates are displaying now, and you can learn more about epoch and why it shows up randomly here.
  • When creating readers from a spreadsheet, reader groups were not getting properly assigned. Owl should be working properly now.
  • Not choosing a group or site column from the spreadsheet when importing readers was adding reader to all groups and first site. Not owlright. We fixed it so that the help site is now required, and not assigning a group doesn't assign any groups. 
  • Custom fonts stopped working in both editors, but like The Terminator, they said "Owl be back". And now they are.
  • Silly new editor was stripping fullscreen attributes for videos, but it's not any more. Hoot for the moon and go full screen!
  • "Currently using x out of y available users" was always shows x as 50 if you have more than 50 users. X now displays the correct number, and owl is right with the message on the users tab.
  • The suggest API endpoint was breaking with multibyte languages like Chinese in the article summary. Owl better now.
  • Sub-categories in Content List pages did not display in app order. What the hoot? Anyway, they do now.

Owl for one and one for owl.