More Let's Encrypt ssl cert tweaks

In early May, we announced a new integration with Let's Encrypt to provide free, auto-renewing SSL certs for all of our customers.

After a month in the wild, we discovered a few ways that we could streamline the process. We've released some small changes to make this feature easier to use, including:

  • A check to see if your domain's CAA was preventing certificates from being issued by Let's Encrypt
  • Better messaging in the error messages that might appear
  • Links to relevant documentation for each error message and a link to the overall documentation on Settings > Basic. These links use our in-app widget so you can see instructions as you have the screens open.   
  • We also revamped our documentation to provide a more detailed walkthrough of the steps involved

If you've had any issues setting up a private domain, please contact us and we'll be happy to help sort things out. In the meantime, we hope that these changes make it easier to get your private domain and SSL cert up and running.

These updates include security patches.