New Shorter Links

In the first of our upcoming SEO improvements, we have released the following:

  • Shorter simplified article links
  • New root path option for KB URLs
  • Article meta descriptions

To simplify and avoid the false impression of depth, we are changing KB article links from:

/help/article/link/your-article — to the shorter — /help/your-article

Will old links / bookmarks still work?

Yep! All old links will be automatically forwarded with a 301 (permanent redirect) HTTP response.

If you want to force an update for Google you can generate a site-map and submit for indexing using Google Webmasters.

New root path available!

You can now choose whether you want the root bath of your KB to be /help or /home

After updating this setting, any requests going to /help will be 301 redirected to /home.

Article meta descriptions

With meta descriptions for articles, you can control the blurbs that search engines display under links.

You can also choose to use the meta description to be used for KnowledgeOwl's search by going to the settings page under Website Settings → Search.