New Widget & Contact Form Enhancements!

Happy holidays everyone! In this latest release we have added the following:

  • New responsive widget type
  • Ability to allow users to choose which email address a ticket should go to
  • Ability to opt out of KnowledgeOwl storing ticket information

Responsive Widget Embed!

This newest widget version was designed to be fully mobile responsive and slides out from the side of the page instead of popping up an overlay.

End-users using this widget will be able to search for help, view help articles inside of the widget, and submit support tickets without having to navigate away from your application.

This new widget also remembers the last article users were looking at.

When a user views an article inside of the widget, they can close the widget or navigate to a different page and when they open the widget back up, they will be taken right back to the article they were last viewing.

Wanna check it out?
Click on Help → Contact Us

Contact Form Emails

We've added the ability for you to specify multiple possible email addresses to send support tickets to.

When using multiple emails, the end-user will be able to select the appropriate team from a dropdown in the contact form.

Contact Form History

We now allow you to specify that any information collected from tickets submitted via the contact form should not be stored in KnowledgeOwl.

While we don't recommend using this setting, your data is your own and we respect that!