November 8, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Navigating to a category from the "Recommended Page Report" in the widget reporting section of the application was not taking users to the correct place
  • In the Widget 2.0 beta, there was no way to customize the thank you text after end-users submitted a contact form request
  • Updating an article's permalink after it was published was not correctly updating the link returned by the auto-suggest search in the knowledge base
  • Deleting a reader group will now ensure that group is removed from all users, readers, categories, articles that were assigned to it
  • In certain cases, using a numeric ID as the SSOID to log users in via SAML was causing duplicate readers to be created
  • Knowledge bases using the modern theme were allowing users on mobile devices to slide the table of contents out using touch. This functionality has been removed to prevent issues / confusion
  • An endpoint that was previously used for the modern widget embed was allowing unintended redirects. This has been removed for security purposes
  • The reader password reset option was case sensitive which caused false errors of "Unable to find a reader with that email address". All password resets moving forward will treat the email as case insensitive