Search Settings consolidation

Previously, settings that change search behavior were mostly in Settings > Search, but there were a few older settings that still lived in Settings > Basic.

We don't like moving people's cheese, but sometimes it's the best solution.

As part of some 2020 housekeeping, we've now moved these search settings from Settings > Basic to Settings > Search:

  • Use meta description as article blurb in search results and category pages
  • Allow readers to filter searches by top-level category
  • Allow readers to filter searches by second-level category
  • Prevent child articles from being searched
  • Index the content of PDFs included in articles that are larger than 100 pages

The functionality hasn't changed, but since this does move some settings you might be familiar with, we wanted to be sure you knew about it.

We also updated in-app wording and our documentation to provide more information on what each setting does; you can check out Settings > Search and Configuring search to see some of those changes.

We hope this makes it easier to find and test various search settings!