September 12, 2019

Feature Enhancements:

  • Added a checkbox to the CSV export dropdown in manage to select / de-select all columns
  • Added the ability to disable comments and feedback for custom content categories

Bug Fixes:

  • In Manage > Bulk Edit, selecting a reader group was not unchecking the "Keep Current Restrictions" checkbox
  • Typahead searches were not respecting the "refine searches by category" dropdown
  • Users that were not allowed to create to article tags were seeing an erroneous error message when editing a version of an article
  • Our slideout help widget in the KO application was not working on the PDF settings page
  • Clicking on "Update Credit Card" in account settings and closing it without actually updating the card was preventing further action on the page
  • Deleting a user team was not previously removing that user team restriction from all articles / categories that belonged to it
  • Using a snippet merge code in the title of a new article / category was including part of the merge code in the auto generated permalinks
  • Certain characters used in article tags were causing Javascript errors within the application
  • Topic categories were not recognizing "Old Links" that contained only numbers
  • Fixed a typo on the Settings > Subscriptions page