Snippets Overhaul

Snippets are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Improvements include:

  • UX redesign of the snippets list and snippet editor pages
  • WYSIWYG or code editor
  • Snippet descriptions
  • Restrict snippets to reader groups
  • Secure API merge code

UX Redesign

  1. Snippets are displayed in an easy to scan format.
  2. Search for snippets by name, merge code, or description.
  3. The snippet editor is more like the article editor, with meta data up top, a large content editing space, and administration options like restrict to reader groups on the right.

WYSIWYG or code editor

Easily switch between the default WYSIWYG or code mode.

The WYSIWYG allows you to create snippets with no coding required. Use code mode for adding styles and script snippets.

Snippet Descriptions

Add descriptions to explain what your snippet does, where it's used, how it works, or other helpful tidbits.

Snippet descriptions are displayed both in the snippet list and when a snippet is added to an article.

Restrict Snippets to Reader Groups

You can now conditionally display snippets to your readers based on reader groups.

For example, you could create a snippet about upgrading to a paid account that you only want to display to your free or trial customers. If you restrict the snippet to those groups, no one else will see the message.

Secure API Merge Code

Sometimes you might want to use a client side API call to your account data.

You can now use our KnowledgeOwl API merge code in snippets to do a client side API call without exposing any sensitive information.

Learn more here.