Updates to topic display categories

The following features and functionality have been added to topic display categories:

  • They look like articles! 
    Topic display categories will now have the same template as your articles. This allows them to have share options (download to PDF, print, email), ratings, comments, and related articles.
  • They show up in search! 
    Like articles, topic display categories will now show up in search and reporting. You can also add tags or search phrases.
  • You can override child article links! 
    Rather than opening child articles on their own page, you can choose to point their links to the corresponding section on the topic display category page. 

These features and functionality are available for all new topic display categories. Existing topic display categories will be updated to the new version next time they are saved.


  • New topic display categories might look slightly different due to the update. If you are worried, we recommend creating a test topic display category with a few test articles to see how it looks before updating your existing categories. Contact us if you need any help!
  • Topic display PDFs are re-generated when you save the category. In order to keep these PDF up-to-date, save the category when you make changes to any articles inside. These PDFs will not include restricted articles. 
  • When using Override Article Links, you can still get to the individual article by appending "?solo=true" to the URL. Otherwise the individual article link will navigate to the corresponding section on the topic display category page.