Widget 2.0 Chrome cookie fix

We had a report from a customer that Widget 2.0 was throwing an endless spinner in Chrome.

After further investigation, it seemed that Chrome started enforcing tighter cross-site cookie restrictions, which was causing the issue.

We updated cookies to support Chrome’s new cross site cookie restrictions and have tested this fix in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Thus far, we believe this bug only effected customers with:

  • Widget 2.0 embedded in a different site or application
  • Private domain used in their knowledge base (rather than a KnowledgeOwl subdomain)

It was initially reported in an authenticated widget, but we believe non-authenticated widgets also would have seen the behavior in the latest version of Chrome.

If you are using Widget 2.0 with a private domain and still noticing any loading issues in the widget, please contact us and let us know!