13 May 2021 feature enhancements and bug fixes

Feature enhancements

We've released two small enhancements to existing features:

Make category or article top-level content from within editor

Now in the editor, we've added an option to remove the category completely, which will move the article or category you're currently looking at to the top level of content. Previously, you could only change the category the content was in from within the editor, and you could only move it to the top level by dragging it to the top-level on the Articles interface.

You'll see the red X to complete this action next to the current category's title and gear icon to change the category:

New remove category option

Clicking that X will also throw a confirmation message, so don't feel panicked if you click it accidentally.

SSO ID matching option

For customers using SSO for KO users, the look-up process for matching IDs has always been a dual-lookup: we look first for a user with a matching SSO ID and, if we don't find one, we fall back to checking the username / email field for a match. Given the nature of some customers' setups, we've added a new advanced option here so that you can remove the username / email fallback to force match on only the SSO ID field.

Bug fixes

We've also released fixes for a couple bugs:

  • In the Table of Contents, we had previously released a fix for categories containing articles that were all marked "Hide from table of contents" being hidden even if you had the category set to "Navigate" (rather than toggle/display contents). We noticed inconsistent behavior with that fix, where some categories in this scenario were still being hidden. We've fixed that remaining inconsistency.
  • Power users with API calls in snippets that were using some of our built-in API variables, when used repeatedly, had some cache collision issues that were creating inconsistent returns. We've updated the logic for the cache-busting around our API variables to help avoid these collisions. This change only affects API calls in snippets using the ko_api calls referencing variables like %cur_kb_id% and %cur_art_id%.