14 December bug round-up

We've been quiet the last couple weeks due to various owls taking time off and focusing on some larger projects, but we're back on bug fixing this week.

Today we rolled out fixes for three bugs:

  • A refinement to revision tracking: KO saves the 10 most recent revisions (listed under the Save button). We generally don't save a revision when you haven't made any changes to the article body text. However, we noticed that there was one case that was triggering a revision save that seemed unnecessary:
    • Make a change to the article body (like adding a new paragraph)
    • Undo that change (for example, delete the paragraph you just added). Basically: do anything that shifts the article back to its original body text.
    • Save.
      This was creating a revision in the list, but in reality no changes to the article body text happened. We have fixed this so that this editing/undoing scenario doesn't trigger a revision to be saved. This should help keep your 10 revision slots clear for actual text changes!
  • Trying to unlink articles within shared content categories: clicking the unlink article option did unlink the articles, but the message identifying the article as synced with another wouldn't go away until you refreshed the page. Now, the message disappears as soon as the articles are unlinked.
  • When a user was logged in with a custom role that had permissions to remove tags from articles but not add existing tags to articles, the user was still able to add existing tags to articles. This is a pretty uncommon scenario, but we fixed it anyway.