API docs get a loving makeover 💖

This release note isn't about a new feature within KnowledgeOwl, exactly.

What it is about: our API docs. 🎉

Over a good portion of this year, one of our documentation owls has painstakingly and lovingly gone over every inch of our API endpoints. This has led to some really exciting changes/additions to our documentation:

A brand-new API Endpoint reference section, which leverages Redoc to display an open API spec file. Please check this out, as it is SO COOL.

And as part of that, let us introduce you to a whole new section in Write the Docs: REST API documentation, which explains how this was done in case you want to try it for your own API docs. 😉

Never used an API before, or want to understand more about the KnowledgeOwl API? We've got you covered there, as well:

You can see an even better summary of these changes over on our blog: New KnowledgeOwl API documentation (and how to make your own).

We're so proud of this major documentation update and facelift, and we'd love your feedback! 🎉