December 10, 2019

Feature Requests

  • We updated logic on a handful of pages to alphabetize lists in, including:
    • Author dropdowns and lists are now sorted alphabetically by first name, last name on these pages:
      • In edit mode for an article, in the Author dropdown
      • In Knowledge Base > Manage, when creating or editing a filter
    • Lists of knowledge bases are now sorted alphabetically by name in a few different places. This is a case-sensitive sort, so knowledge bases beginning with uppercase letters are sorted first, followed by knowledge bases beginning with lowercase letters. This impacts:
      • Clicking the + KB Access button when editing a user in Your Account > Users
      • Clicking the + Add KB button when editing a reader in Your Account > Readers
      • The knowledge base selector when creating or editing a webhook in Your Account > Webhooks
      • The SAML password knowledge base selector when editing a user in Your Account > Users
    • User Roles are now consistently sorted alphabetically, with the built-in Writer and Editor roles at the top and all custom roles displayed beneath these alphabetically on these pages:
      • In Your Account > Users > Custom Roles
      • In Your Account > Users > Edit an individual user, when creating or updating the role assigned as part of knowledge base access

Bug Fixes

  • Some users were getting a "missing __accountid" error when trying to create tags using the API. We've resolved this issue so the __accountid field is being properly set.
  • When using the Modern Widget on iPads and iPhones, scrolling the widget was scrolling the main window rather than the widget. We released a fix so that the widget properly scrolls now.