Editor + session timeout bug fixes

In our January 5 bug fixes, we included some updates to our app session timeouts. Since we released those updates, users whose sessions were timed out while they had unsaved changes in the editor had reported issues saving those changes once they logged back in.

Today, we released a fix for that issue.

If you are experiencing any issues logging back in or saving content after your session times out, please contact us and let us know immediately. Also, huge shout-out to the customers who let us know of this issue as soon as it happened--we know how frustrating disruptions to your editing workflow can be, and we're glad to get this fixed quickly!

Also fixed in the editor: some customers who had articles that only contained scripts, iframes, and so forth were sometimes seeing a fullstory script added into their content after saving. We've fixed this so the only scripts there are the ones you put there.

Kate's pro tip: if you don't like session timeouts, when you're logging into the app, on the screen where you enter your password, you can check the box to "Keep me logged in." This will extend your session timeout from 2 hours to 2 weeks.

Keep me logged in...your friend if you don't like session timeouts