2021: New year, new bug fixes

First off: happy new year to all of you on the Gregorian calendar! You survived 2020!   

We'll have more exciting release notes in the upcoming weeks, but for now, here's some housekeeping on bug fixes and small changes we released over the holidays/the last few days:

  • Categories marked as hidden from navigation were sometimes still displaying in breadcrumbs. We fixed this so that Hide from navigation should include hiding them from breadcrumbs.
  • In custom content categories with multiple versions, it was possible to edit the category's title, description, meta description, title tags, and other metadata fields in the inactive version, and have that change applied to the active version. We've updated this custom content categories with versions behave like articles: you can only edit metadata on the current active version.
  • In the editor, when categories displayed in the breadcrumbs at the top had really long titles, they overlapped other links at the top and made it hard to click on them:
    Long category title before this fixWe've tweaked the logic here so that long titles will be abbreviated with an ellipsis and you can see the full title on hover:
    Long category title after this fix
  • Removed widget 301 redirects for root paths that aren't /help: In KnowledgeOwl, our default rootpath is yourkb.knowledgeowl.com/help. We give you the option to use different rootpaths besides /help (like /home and /docs). For customers using those alternate root paths, using both Contextual Help Widget (2.0) and Contextual Help Widget (Modern & Legacy), the widget would perform a 301 redirect to get to that alternate rootpath. This wasn't hurting anything, but it adds an extra step to all widget calls. We tidied things up so no additional redirect occurs when you're using a different rootpath, to minimize any potential performance impacts.
  • If you create a new reader group and immediately tried to reorder it without refreshing the page, the reordering behavior was inconsistent. We've updated the create reader group logic a bit so that it properly handles reordering without that page refresh.
  • Users who have access to no knowledge bases but did have full admin privileges were getting errors when accessing some menu items under Your Account in the upper right (the Readers and API options). We fixed it so this access works properly.
  • We had occasional reports of users whose sessions had timed out getting directed to weird screens or messages. These seemed to occur when a user had left the article editor screen open and then either hibernated their machine or gone more than 2 hours without any activity (our session activity threshold). We've rolled out changes here so that you should be properly directed back to the page you were working on when the session timeout occurred. Please let us know if you get directed somewhere surprising after a session timeout and re-login--we want to be sure you're taken back where you were working!

These updates include security patches.

Thanks for reading our release notes.