Feature update: New, Updated, Popular, and Related Article widget limits now adjustable!

A small but often-requested improvement went out over the weekend:

The ability to change the number of articles automatically displayed in these places:

Previously, we'd set all of these to display 5 articles, if available.

We've now added explicit settings for each of these lists in Settings > Basic, so you can choose from 1-10 articles to display here.

For the New, Updated, and Popular Articles Widgets, we've added a new Article Widget Settings section:

For the Related Articles, you can change the number of automatically-displayed articles in the Website Settings section:

Existing behavior for all widgets remains the same; these selectors just let you get more specific about the number of articles displayed.

This has been our most-frequently-requested customization for these lists, and we felt like giving you direct controls over each of them was a much better solution. 😊

We've updated our documentation on all of those features, or you can just head to Settings > Basic and give them a try yourself!