February 5, 2020

The team's been moving right along trying to make a number of small fixes and improvements in February. (It's a short month, so we're trying to be sure we make the most of it.) Here are a few more goodies we released last night:

Feature Requests

More transparency about credit card billing issues

We just released a new billing widget that will alert KO users if we were unable to process their credit card. This change applies to customers who are paying in-app using a credit card only. Invoiced customers won't see this change.

All users will see a banner if there is a problem with the card:

Screenshot of the Articles index with a banner at the footer reading Billing banner warning with Update option

All users can then update the credit card without being an admin by clicking the Update button in the screenshot above.

From the date of the initial issue, you'll have 30 days to resolve it. Once that 30-day grace period is up, you'll see this splash screen when you log in. You won't be able to use app.knowledgeowl.com until you fix the credit card billing info:

Pop-up window showing the current credit card info and an option to update the credit card number and expiration dateSplash screen/lockout on accounts delinquent more than 30 days

We hope that this helps customers identify and resolve credit card billing issues faster without having to wait for an email from us or lots of legwork to identify the full admin contact to update the credit card info. Contact us and let us know what you think!

Bug Fixes

  • Article editor videos with secure file storage: For customers requiring authentication to view files, the Insert Video option was adding an extra https: at the front of videos added from your file library. This made the videos not load properly. We've removed the extra https:. 
  • Article editor files added from library missing paperclip: Thanks to the eagle eyes of one customer, we learned that Upload File > Add File from Library was creating links without the file paperclip, whereas newly uploaded files were. We updated this so that adding a file from the library, as with a new file upload, adds the paperclip to that upload:
  • Bad [[hg-id]] links: When Link to Article is used to add links to other articles, an [[hg-id]] link is used. When that link is edited in a way that it no longer works, it was causing the reader view of the article to not load at all. We fixed this so that the link itself just doesn't lead anywhere but the rest of the article will display properly.
  • Expanded Save options: For users restricted to specific user teams, the new expanded Save button option wasn't fully disabled when a user was viewing content they couldn't edit. We updated this so the expanded Save options are governed by the same permissions as other editing options.
  • Manage filters "with quotes": Manage filters created with "quotes" in the title were causing some troubles in the Manage interface. Once created, the filters could not be properly edited or deleted. We updated the logic here so you can still use quotes but those filters behave just like other filters--editable and deletable.
  • Subscriptions and Topic Display categories: In public knowledge bases with private domains and public subscriptions enabled, Topic Display categories with the [] merge code in them weren't subscribe-able. The reCAPTCHA used for the subscriptions wasn't properly validating. We added some scoping to reCAPTCHA so it submits for the box/form you're actually looking at.
  • Subscriptions + Restrict by IP address + Contact form: In knowledge bases restricted to a shared IP address with public subscriptions enabled, the readers could not submit the Contact Form. As with the previous bug, the reCAPTCHA for the contact form was getting confused with the reCAPTCHA for subscriptions. We added some scoping to reCAPTCHA so it submits for the box/form you're actually looking at.
  • KnowledgeOwl URLs with trailing slashes: One of our customers went through an SEO audit and noted that search engines had indexed some KO URLs with a trailing slash, e.g. https://support.knowledgeowl.com/help/ instead of https://support.knowledgeowl.com/help . This has potential SEO consequences, because search crawlers treat each page (with/without the slash) as separate pages, so you can get dinged for having duplicate content and the search power results get divided between the two pages. We've forced all URLs to not have the trailing slash and have also set things up so if someone does hit a URL with a trailing slash from a previous index, etc., they will be 301-redirected to the URL without the trailing slash. This should help customers keep better SEO in place.  --this change was rolled back on February 6th