Glossary page alternate titles

If you're actively using our glossary functionality, this latest release might be a nice addition.

We've added an alternate title to glossary terms. Think of these like display titles for your glossary terms:

  • Alternate titles are used as display titles on the glossary page only
  • They don't impact glossary term highlighting in any way
  • Alternate titles can contain characters that are prevented in glossary terms (such as parentheses, quotations, etc.)

For example, here's one of our glossary terms:

We use "IdP" as text in our articles, but we wanted to display the full term with the acronym on the glossary page. The alternate title gives us that. Here's what it looks like on the glossary page:

When an alternate title is added, it will automatically be used on the glossary page. When no alternate title has been specified, the glossary term itself will be used.

For more information on using alternate titles, see When should I use alternate titles?

Let us know what you think of this feature using the comments below or dropping us an email!