Set Up Google Analytics Site Search and Page-Specific Traffic

While we're by no means Google Analytics experts, we have a couple of tips and tricks to get you on you way. Check out Google Analytics Help to learn more!

Setting Up Site Search

Would you like to better understand what search terms users are entering to search your knowledge base? Set up Site Search!

Go to Admin and find the Property and View for which you wish to turn on site search. If you just signed up for Google Analytics, you will only have one Property and View. A Property is a Website URL you are tracking. Each Property then has a default All Web Site Data View; you can create custom views if you wish.

Under your selected View click View Settings. Scroll to the Site Search Settings and toggle Site Search Tracking to On. Once the Site Search is enabled, you'll need to define the Query parameter. As you can see in the below example seach KnowledgeOwl appends search term with the query "?phrase."

So you'll need to enter phrase, lower case, in the Query Parameter field.

We recommend checking the option to Strip query parameters out of URL as well. This will prevent the search results pages from being tracked as traffic in your Google Analytics reporting. Click Save when you are finished setting up Site Search.

Reviewing Search Terms

Once you have Site Search set up, click the Reporting tab and scroll in the left menu bar to Behavior > Site Search to start digging into your users' search terms!

Reviewing Page-Specific Traffic

While KnowledgeOwl has a Popular Articles feature in the Reporting suite, if you'd like to get a more in-depth view of page-specific traffic in your knowledge base go to Behavior in the left menu bar and click Site Content.