How to generate a new API key

To generate a new API key:

  1. Go to Your Account > API.
    If you do not see the API option, contact your knowledge base administrator. You must have full admin access to generate or edit API keys.
  2. Click the + Add New API Key button in the upper left.
    Screenshot showing the Your Account > API screen, with an arrow to the Add New API Key buttonAdd New API Key button
  3. Give your API key a Purpose. This should identify any integrations, processes, and so on that would help someone know what this key is used for and whether it is still used.
  4. Select the actions you'd like this API key to have.
    Only GET permissions are required if you're using the API key to pull information from KnowledgeOwl.
  5. Click the Add button.
    Screenshot showing the API Key Creation pop-up, with a callout around the action checkboxes and an arrow to the Add buttonAPI Key Creation options
  6. This key will be added to the bottom of the list and can now be used.