National Get Over It Day Bugfixes 🐛

Apparently, there is such a thing as "National Get Over It Day" and March 9th is it. Who knew?

Three bug fixes you don't have to get over, because we released them yesterday:

  • Topic display categories containing shared content articles: This is an odd scenario, so I'm going to resort to bullet points:
    • If you had a topic display category with a child shared content article in it
    • And an edit was made to the parent shared content article
    • The topic display category was not always showing that updated content until the child shared content article was manually re-saved.
    • Yeah, weird.
    • Anyway, we fixed it so that the topic display category properly updates in this scenario.
  • Archived article status caching issues: Thanks to customers already trying out the new Archived status, we discovered that there were some caching issues with archiving articles, which meant that once you archived an article, sometimes it was still showing in the table of contents, the New/Updated Articles widgets, and the Related Articles section. We've fixed the cache issues and archived articles should be removed here!
    • Note that with Related Articles, in the editor, you will still see the archived article there--we wanted to preserve that relationship in case you re-publish the archived article. It just won't show in the knowledge base itself!
  • We also made some tweaks to how Archived articles are displayed in Find Articles and in the Copy from existing option in the Create new article process. Archived articles returned by these searches now have an [Archived] label at the start of the title, to make it easier for you to know they're archived. (We also fixed a bug where they weren't always showing up...)
    Archived article in Find Articles search
    Archived article in Copy from existing article search