New feature: Archived Publishing Status 📁

This change may require updates to existing custom role permissions.

We are proud to announce we've released a much-requested feature: an Archived Publishing Status.

The Archived status basically behaves the same as a Deleted status: it removes the content from a lot of places, including:

  • The Articles interface
  • The knowledge base itself, including:
    •  Home page widgets
    • Category landing pages
    • Search
    • Table of Contents
  • Any of the contextual help widgets
  • The editor Related Articles search
  • The editor Link to Article search
  • The Custom PDF content hierarchy
  • The Reporting Dashboard

Like Deleted articles, the only place you can generally interact with Archived articles is in Knowledge Base > Manage, where:

All users with Editor and Writer roles have permission to archive articles.

For those of you using custom user roles, you can also control who has the ability to archive articles using the new Archive articles permission. Users with custom roles that don't have this permission won't see the Archived publishing status:

  • in the Article Editor
  • in the Manage bulk edit publishing status dropdown
  • They also won't be able to click the bulk Archive link in Manage

How is it different from Deleted?

Other than having a different label, the primary difference has to do with creating a new article by copying from an existing article. Archived articles appear as articles you can copy from; Deleted do not.

Why use the new status?

Since the behavior is much the same between the two statuses, what are the advantages to using Archived?

As one of our customers told us when they requested it, it's about content classification and being able to sort and filter:

  • Deleted content is content that might have been erroneous, or inappropriate, or may have never actually been published.
  • Archived content was, at one point, appropriate to publish, but it no longer is.

Also: a little owl wants me to tell you that we're going to add some more functionality around the Archived status that will make it do even more, so stay tuned in the coming weeks!