🎃Nat'l Pumpkin Day bug fixes

Happy National 🎃Pumpkin Day, y'all.

We recently released fixes for the following bugs:

  • Our new Required Reading page wasn't consistently showing the eye icon to indicate a required article hadn't yet been acknowledged. We've updated this so it should properly show for all readers and all knowledge bases. Sorry about that--but thank you to the folks using it who pointed it out!
  • For those of you using Shared content categories: the Re-sync children option wasn't working, but it is now.
  • For knowledge bases using admin managed passwords: we discovered a bug with these passwords that if the overall Your Account > Readers > Settings was set to self-administered passwords, but an individual knowledge base was set to admin managed passwords, the readers for that knowledge base were still using self-administered passwords. We've updated the logic so admin managed passwords will work in this situation.
  • API users: previously, our date/time fields only accepted Y-m-d H:i:s format. We've updated them to accept Unix timestamps. Both methods will work in PUT and POST calls.

As a small side note: I live in coastal Maine, about 45 minutes from Lewiston. It's a rough day here today, but it also makes me thankful for the lovely humans and owls I get to work with and know. And right now, that positive energy and trust in people seems pretty important. Please be safe out there, y'all. ❤️