New features: Schedule article publication and archival!

I'm so excited to announce the release of two heavily-requested features, both to do with scheduling:

You'll see these options in the upper right of the Article Editor:

Quick rundown on how they work:

  • You'll only see the scheduling options that are relevant. So if an article is already marked as Published or Needs Review (which are both considered a form of being published), you'll only see the Schedule to Be Archived option. Articles in any type of draft or deleted state should show the Schedule to Be Published option.
  • Once you select either link, a pop-up will open with a date and time picker. The picker will force you to select a day at least the next day, though you can go much further in the future, and will let you select top of the hour times.
  • Once you've saved your scheduled publication or archival, you'll see an alert across the top of the screen that tells you what/when it's scheduled, and gives you an option to cancel.
  • We run these schedules on a background processor, so the actual time of publication or archival will probably be :10 or :15 after the hour. The publishing status will be updated, as will the Last Modified date. If you're scheduling publication, we also automatically update the Published Date when the scheduled task runs.
  • Full details are in the documentation linked above and in the Related Articles section.

If you're scheduling publication, you can set the New or Updated callout and the callout will also show up when the article is published. Just be sure your New callout has an expiration date that comes after your scheduled publication.   

For those of you using Subscriptions: if you add a New callout to an article and schedule it for publication, the scheduled publication will trigger a Subscription notification email. Just be sure the callout's expiration date comes after your scheduled publication date.

For those of you using Webhooks, the scheduled publication and archival should trigger the same webhooks that completing the actions manually does.

These have been highy-requested, so we're very excited to see them released into the wild. Please give them a try and let us know what you think!