New feature: Tags usage report πŸ“„

I'm pleased to announce the release of a feature enhancement to our Tags Library: our πŸŽ‰ Tags Usage Report πŸŽ‰

Quick summary

This is a streamlined report, now available in the Tags Library. It is generated as a CSV file, containing all of the tags in your knowledge base and counts of how many non-deleted articles they're assigned to and how many topic display categories/custom content categories they're assigned to. Here's a sample from our knowledge base:

Sample output of a tags usage report

Where to find it

You can generate your own tags usage report by opening Library > Tags and clicking on the link to Generate Usage Report.

Once the usage report is generated, you'll see a link appear so you can download the CSV file to use for your audit purposes.

Why we're excited about it

It streamlines tag auditing.

While I was creating our documentation on this feature, I ran the report and reviewed it for this knowledge base.

I was able to identify and delete about 10 totally unused tags, merge 3 similarly-formatted tags together, and fix a typo in 1 tag.

All within about 5 minutes.

If you've been putting off a tags audit because you weren't sure where to start, this might just be the holiday house-keeping incentive you needed!

The fine print:

The report only gives you total counts of usage. If you want to see a list of all individual articles that use a particular tag, head over to Knowledge Base > Manage and create a custom Manage filter using that tag as part of your filter. (We don't currently have a great in-app way to pull the categories identified in the usage report, but our support team can help with some API calls to answer those questions!)

Learn more

Head on over to our more official Tags usage report support article for the full details. Happy auditing!