New file label functionality & permissions

After all the work we did to add more functionality for tags, we felt like file labels were feeling a bit left out. We're pleased to announce a number of changes around file labels, including:

  • File Labels now have their own Library so that you can see all your labels in one place and administer them directly! Check it out under Library > File Labels.
  • You can now quickly create file labels in the File Label Library without having to add them directly to a file--great if you want to pre-populate with a set of labels
  • You can now delete file labels from your knowledge base using the File Label Library
  • You can now edit existing file label names using the File Label Library
  • Find a partial duplicate? You can now merge existing labels into each other!

We've also updated our permissions structure a bit.

Previously, the ability to create file labels was tied to the ability to edit files. Now that file labels have their own library, we've refined the permissions structure:

  • Edit files permissions still determine whether you can add labels to files
  • There are now separate permissions for being able to create, edit, and delete file labels themselves (think of this like File Label Library permissions)

Our default Editor and Writer roles include permissions for all file label actions. If you're using custom roles, you'll want to review the File Library permissions to determine what kind of access you'd like these roles to have. The new options are:

  • Edit files: Edit files themselves; add and remove existing labels from files
  • Delete files: Still the same; whether you can delete files from the File Library
  • Create file labels: create new file labels while editing files or create them directly in the File Label Library
  • Edit file labels: in the File Label Library
  • Delete file labels: from the File Label Library

We hope that these changes make it easier for you to keep your file labels tidy so that they're more useful for filtering your files.

Let us know what you think!