New functionality: Hide tags from readers

I'm a big fan of adding tags to content to make it easier to audit/update content. With a tag added, I can go to Manage Articles and then create custom filters based on tags. This can make finding and updating all content related to one tag a snap.

But since KnowledgeOwl supports tag search, those tags would still show up in the tag search typeahead search and in search results. We had custom CSS you could add to hide them, but this seemed like a lot of extra work, and an inexact science. There was always some worry that readers might still stumble across those internal tags. (And in my case, I don't want all of you to know how many of my articles are tagged with "needs updated screenshots"! Some of those skeletons are best left in their own closet.)

If you're using tags for these internal purposes only, you should check out the new functionality we just added:

In the Tag Library, you can now mark tags as hidden from readers. This lets you use them wherever you want within but hides them from search results, typeahead tag search, and other places you might be exposing tags. It's a win-win for using tags for content audits but avoiding worry that your readers will find them.

Edit Tag and check the Hide tag from readers box

For more information, check out Hide tags from Search Results.