PDFs now have hyperlinks πŸ”—

Big news for those of you using PDFs: they now have πŸ”—hyperlinks πŸ”—!

Previously, in order to enable clickable hyperlinks in PDFs, you had to use a CSS-based workaround that also displayed the full URL of the hyperlink.

Thanks to the upgrades we made in the PDF generator earlier this year, we were able to enable automatic clickable hyperlinks in PDFs!

A quick caveat:

  • These hyperlinks do not play well with same-page anchors. We're still investigating if we can find a solution for that.

But aside from that, you'll now see all hyperlinks in your PDFs show up formatted similarly to hyperlinks in your live knowledge base! You can click the PDF icon at the top of this page next to the title to see them in-action.

Here's a quick screenshot of a few links to files from one of my test articles, too:

See those beautiful clickable hyperlinks that look just like hyperlinks in my live knowledge base?  

You don't need to do anything to enable this feature--it's running by default now in all our PDF generators.

But you may need to regenerate PDFs to see the effects:

  • For the Standard PDF export, head to Knowledge Base > Exports to regenerate the PDF.
  • For any Custom PDF exports, head to Knowledge Base > Exports and open the Custom PDFs tab to regenerate any PDFs.
  • For individual article PDFs, each article's PDF will update once the article is saved with any changes, or you can contact us to regenerate all your individual article PDFs.

We also noticed that cover pages in Standard PDFs weren't generating, and have fixed that. Again, you'll need to regenerate the Standard PDF to see the updates.

For those of you who were using the CSS solution for this, if you no longer want to have the full clickable URLs display in your PDFs:

  1. Head to Settings > Style.
  2. Below the preview pane, be sure that Custom CSS is selection.
  3. Find and remove the CSS that looks like this:
    .ko-pdf-clickable-link {display: initial;}
  4. Save.
  5. Regenerate PDFs or request that we regenerate all article PDFs as needed to see the changes!