New feature: Restore deleted files in File Library 📁

We've all had it happen: the file delete you wish you could take back. Maybe you didn't realize you'd selected an entire row of files instead of a single file, or maybe two files were named identically and you deleted the wrong one. Maybe you didn't mean to click the confirmation.

Regardless of how it happens, most of us have been in that uncomfortable position of having to reach out to KnowledgeOwl Support to get a deleted file restored.

That changes today! From now on, you won't have to contact support to restore files. Instead, you can restore them yourself directly from within the File Library.

What's new:

  • File Library now includes a new dropdown at the top, to toggle between "Show Active Files" and "Show Deleted Files". (It defaults to show active.) You can click the Show Deleted Files option to view all your deleted files and restore them.
  • We now capture a deleted date when you delete files (date_deleted on the file object, for those of you using the API).
  • We sort the Show Deleted Files view by the date_deleted field so that the most recently deleted are at the top.
  • From within the Show Deleted Files view, select the files you'd like to restore and click the Restore link.

Once restored, files will be visible at the same hyperlink they've always had, so any links to them you've added within KnowledgeOwl or elsewhere will continue to work.

We hope this makes it faster and easier for you (and our team) to recover files that have been incorrectly deleted. Check out Restoring deleted files for full details, and be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think of this change!