Security, privacy, and compliance

General security information about KnowledgeOwl.


Cookie declaration
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Privacy policy
Learn what information we collect, how we use it, and what your options are.
Data Processing Addendum (DPA)
Review and sign our DPA for GDPR compliance.
HIPAA compliance
Learn how to ensure your usage of KnowledgeOwl is HIPAA compliant.
Security and reliability
We occasionally receive security questions from companies wanting to use KnowledgeOwl. In general, we do not want to publicly expose too much information about our security practices and infrastructure because that information would help the very...
Payment card industry (PCI) compliance
Learn more about how KnowledgeOwl maintains PCI-A compliance.
Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ)
KnowledgeOwl maintains a Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) with the Cloud Security Alliance. Learn more about this security assessment and when you might need it.
Learn about KnowledgeOwl's GDPR compliance.
Maintain GDPR compliance with your own data
Learn how to manage information stored in KnowledgeOwl that may contain PII or other classes of information impacted by GDPR.
Uptime Service Level Agreements
Learn about the SLAs available at our different subscription plan levels.
List of Sub-processors
See a list of the sub-processors we work with.
Supported cipher suites
See which cipher suites we currently support.
Required IP addresses
See which IP addresses will need to be allowed/whitelisted for KnowledgeOwl to work.
Vulnerability Disclosure Policy
Learn about our vulnerability disclosure program and check out our security researcher hall of fame.