September 2020 bug fix round-up

Forgive me for the somewhat vague title--our developers have been on a bugstravaganza lately and it seemed better to group all these bug fixes together so they didn't distract from fun new features.

Here are the latest fixes we've rolled out:

  • Shared content categories: you can now safely delete a "child" category without deleting the original "parent" category from a different knowledge base.
  • Snippets: In the Snippet Editor, snippets that had forms in them were actually rendering the form at the bottom of the snippet editor screen. Awkward. We've updated the snippet editor logic so that forms aren't displayed below the editor window.
  • Topic Display Category PDFs: Articles marked as "Hide from navigation" were still showing in topic display category PDFs. We've updated the logic of those PDFs to respect the Hide from navigation checkbox.
    Note: this change won't be applied to existing topic display categories unless you manually resave the category to regenerate the PDF.
  • URL Redirect Categories: For readers, some URL redirect categories were not showing consistently in the Table of Contents. We've updated the logic for the TOC so that it properly recognizes/displays URL redirect categories for all account types.
  • Webhooks: the app_url included in all of our article webhooks was missing an /id/ in the URL. We've fixed this so that those URLs are properly formed.
  • Widget 2.0: Resaving a category was sometimes making it disappear from Widget 2.0 navigation. We fixed this so saving doesn't cause your categories to disappear from the widget.