New feature: Support for basic authentication for third-party tools

We slipped in a new setting to KnowledgeOwl a few weeks ago: support for reader accounts with basic authentication for use with third-party tools.

The request came from a few customers over the years who had private or semi-private knowledge bases--often with Single Sign-on or other IP/password-based restrictions--but still wanted to be able to integrate with third-party tools that crawled or scraped their knowledge bases for search or audit purposes.

We call this basic authentication: you can set up a reader account that uses a a self-administered password and that account can access your knowledge base even if you otherwise have it restricted to SSO or other login options.

We've kept the setting disabled by default, but if you'd like to enable basic auth to test an integration, check the full setup instructions at Basic authentication. Different third-party tools have different requirements, so we can't guarantee this will work across the board, but we did try out a proof of concept with Amazon's Kendra in one of our test environments and got it working.