Updates to Knowledge Base > Manage Articles

Manage Articles lets you view, search, filter, bulk edit, and export a CSV of articles across your entire knowledge base. We know this can be a useful interface for updating articles in bulk and completing content audits, so we're always looking for ways to improve it.

We've released several small fixes as well as some new functionality to this interface. 

Here's the functionality we added:

  • The Bulk Edit options now include the ability to set articles to Exclude from search results and Hide from navigation
  • For articles with versions, the Bulk Edit options now include the ability to publish the next version in "Ready for review" state -- very useful when you want to publish documentation en masse for product releases or updates, policy updates, etc., without individually having to publish each article's latest version

On the bug fixes, we ensured that the Manage Bulk Edit and Delete options properly respect user teams and custom user roles:

  • When content is restricted to editing by specific user teams, some users could still bulk edit articles belonging to other user teams. We have fixed this so that user team restrictions are properly enforced for all bulk edit actions (publishing status, author, tags, etc.).
  • Users with custom roles that did not include the ability to delete articles were able to delete articles in bulk. The Manage bulk delete options (Publishing Status > Deleted as well as the Delete link) now properly respect custom roles limiting deletion.
  • Users with custom roles preventing them from editing published articles could sometimes still bulk edit articles with a published status. The Manage bulk edit options now better enforce those custom role publishing status permissions.