Updates to "link to existing article" wording & messaging

Words are hard.

One of the pieces of feedback we heard from our annual survey was that for customers using the "Link to existing article" option when creating new articles, the wording was a bit confusing both when you created the article and viewing the messages for these types of linked articles.

We are working on updating both the in-app language and the documentation around this functionality, and we've rolled out the first set of changes:

We've changed "linked article" to "shared content article", as this better describes what's actually happening: the articles are sharing content. (Linked article sounded too much like Link to Article, which is hyperlink-related and a totally different concept.)

You'll see this update here:

  • The Add Article pop-up, which now lists the final option as Share content from an existing article
  • The messaging in the article editor when you're viewing shared content articles
  • The Manage filter Export to CSV options (Shared Content Article is the new column selector, and Shared Content ID is how it appears in the CSV file itself)

We've also been working on updated documentation to more clearly describe what's happening in shared content articles:

Next up on this journey is updating the language for synchronizing categories between different knowledge bases. We'll let you know once those updates go live and have their own documentation!