What is Zapier?

Zapier is a paid service that helps you connect different apps and create automated workflows.

There are over 2000 apps in Zapier’s app directory. Apps listed in the directory are those with official Zapier integrations, built and maintained by either the app’s developer or a consultant Zapier Trusted App Developer. Refer to Request to add a new app to Zapier for more information on how apps make it into the directory.

It is also possible to use Zapier’s own apps, such as Webhooks by Zapier, to integrate with the webhooks and APIs of products that do not have a Zapier integration. This is how you can connect Zapier to KnowledgeOwl. Webhooks by Zapier is a premium app, meaning that you need a paid Zapier account to use this integration.

In Zapier, a single workflow is called a Zap.