Widget 2.0 contact tab reloads + category title format fix

Last week, we rolled out two updates to Widget 2.0.

The first change impacts the Contact tab. Previously, once an end-user submitted a question through the contact form, they needed to either navigate to a new page or reload the page to be able to see the full contact form again.

Now, once an end-user has submitted the contact form, the Contact tab will refresh back to the form when the end-user:

  • Closes and re-opens the widget
  • Clicks to any other widget tab (Knowledge or Recommended) and then clicks back to the Contact tab

The second update is a small fix: we noticed during continued testing that default categories' titles and blog style categories' titles weren't always being displayed when you were viewing the category overall. When this happened, it would just show the category's contents, but there was no title display to show which category you were looking at--talk about confusing.

We've updated this so that all category types properly display a title.