API article and category endpoint updates

We released a few changes to the article and category API endpoints this week.

These changes would only impact you if you're using the API in some way:

  • We've added more validation to arrays to ensure that if you are doing a PUT or POST, the incoming data is properly formatted as an array
  • We've added more detailed feedback messages when a PUT or POST fails due to incorrectly formatted data
  • Previously, many of the boolean fields on these objects were actually storing the strings of "true" or "false". We've updated the fields so they are using proper boolean. You may need to update any scripts you have using PUT or POST calls to boolean fields on these objects so they use true/false rather than "true"/"false".

We hope the benefits of having better validation and preventing bad PUTs/POSTs from causing errors for your users outweighs any short-term inconvenience of reworking your API calls. Please contact us if you need help reformatting any of your article or category PUT or POST calls!