API Overview


Our API is an HTTPS only API. Any non-secure requests will return an error. Authentication is based off of API keys which can be generated per account. These API keys can be restricted to GET, POST, PUT or a combination. The API key can be passed via HTTP Basic Authentication and goes in the username field. Any dummy password, such as X, can be used for the password field.

Example command line curl call: curl -u {{KnowledgeOwl API key}}:X https://app.knowledgeowl.com/api/head/{{object}}.json

NOTE: To retrieve a KnowledgeOwl API key go to Your Account > API.


KnowledgeOwl's API accepts the following input types:

  1. Standard REST HTTP headers
  2. Application/JSON

KnowledgeOwl's API can return the following output types as specified in the call:

  1. JSON (default)
  2. PSON
  3. JSONP
  4. HTML


HTML => https://app.knowledgeowl.com/api/head/{object}.html
JSON => https://app.knowledgeowl.com/api/head/{object}.json
PSON => https://app.knowledgeowl.com/api/head/{object}.pson
JSONP => https://app.knowledgeowl.com/api/head/{object}.jsonp?callback={functionName}



Object Reference

Call to retrieve list of available parameters with (hopefully useful) descriptions per specified object: