August 8, 2017

Upgrades to the new editor (highlights)

  • URL detection while typing
  • Improved pasting from Word and Excel
  • Add trademark character to special characters plugin
  • Enable pasting images in Safari from the clipboard
  • Add a new line after/before the last/first element when clicking at the bottom/top of it
  • Word paste was not detected in IE (fixed)

Feature Requests

  • Allow "nodownload" attribute for videos in new editor
  • Allow MathML tags in new editor to display equations using MathJax plugin.

Bug Fixes

  • HTML zip exports sometimes didn't contain all articles. 
  • Hide from navigation wasn't hiding from blog style categories.
  • New editor was stripping out video attributes to allow fullscreen (webkitallowfullscreen, mozallowfullscreen, allowfullscreen).
  • Shared articles were slowing links to deleted kbs.
  • You couldn't un-italicize headers in the new editor.
  • Editor was stripping out fullscreen and nodownload attributes from video embeds.
  • Clicking the table of contents options would make content list options disappear.