Blog Style and More

We have released the following improvements:

  • Blog Style category type

  • Published date for articles

  • Customizable article title tags

  • New search option for partial matches

Blog Style Category Type!

Use the new blog style category type to display a paginated list of all articles in reverse chronological order or the same order as the application.

These types of categories cannot contain sub-categories.

Article Published Date!

You can now specify a custom published date for your articles. This can be used in place of the standard date created or date modified that gets set by the system.

Custom Article Title Tags!

Instead of us defaulting HTML page titles to "Article Name | Site Name", you can now specify any title tag you like for your articles.

Partial Search Matches!

Previously, an article with the title "LongUniqueTitle Article" may not have ranked very high in search results for things like "Long" or "LongUniq". We have now added an option under settings which allows you to give more weight to those partial title word matches.