Bug fix round-up 17 November

Welcome to this week's edition of bugfix round-up. Today, we pushed out fixes for these issues:

  • Creating a shared content category was not always syncing certain category settings (such as the category's description, Hide from Navigation, Toggle vs. Navigate, and Hide contents). We've fixed the sync creation process so that the category description and other settings are properly copied on initial sync category creation.
  • The drag-and-drop functionality on the Articles page was misbehaving in Internet Explorer 11. We've updated the package we use so it should behave better. We'd also encourage users who are still accessing the app in IE11 to switch to a modern browser, since Microsoft is ending support for it in Microsoft Teams at the end of this month, and in Microsoft 365 in August 2021.
  • In Chrome, the Snippet Editor would not allow you to type dashes or underscores (- or _). You could work around this by copying and pasting them in, but that was awkward. We've updated the logic here so that it properly supports alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores, as the in-app description states.
  • With the reverse chronological order in versions, bulk activating versions wasn't always respecting the new order. We've updated the logic (and added more detailed documentation!) so that it maintains the chronological order while looking for "ready for review" versions.

As an added bonus for reading these notes, take a moment and see what your astrological sign says about what cheese suits you best.