Versions now display in reverse chronological order

Versions seem to be growing in popularity, and the longer we have this feature, the more versions people get. That usage is causing us to rethink some of the design decisions we made for versions in the editor.

We've made two changes to the layout here to try to get you to what you need faster:

  • We've added an Active Version call-out above the section so that you don't have to check the list to see what the current active version is.
  • We've changed the order on the version list, so that the newest version is at the top, and the oldest is at the bottom. (Previously, the oldest version was at the top and the newest at the bottom.)

Here's a sample of the new layout:

New version layout
We're still exploring more ways to get version information higher on the page and more obvious as you're editing, but we hope this set of small changes is helpful in the meantime!